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Diga Tec develops since 1996 performance remaps.
Constant training of our team as well as the investment into the most moderntechnologies ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of our products.

What makes us different from other tuning companies that offer tuning and tuningfiles:

  • we have own chassis dynos for cars and bikes and develop your software with them
  • we work in a garage / building, not on a backyard
  • we work with original registered tools
  • we have full diagnostic equipment
  • we have a real phone number, not a prepaid mobile phone
  • we have a registered company and write invoices

    Unfortunately there are more and more tuning companies, that can not fulfill even one of the points above.
    Buying a cheap programming tool from ebay, setting up a website and offering mobile service does not make them reliable tuners.
    On most of such companies websites you will not even find an adress or name.

    We distance from companies like this.