As previously rumoured, the new Byteshooter NEXT GENERATION (abbrev. BSNG) is finally ready.

The latest technology in Bosch MEDC17 ECUs with TriCore processors has made tuners' lives harder, by complicating the reading/writing process.

With the Byteshooter NEXT GENERATION, it's now possible to read the passwords on all the current EDC17 and MED17 with TriCore processors, in order to read and write the internal flash memory. This extra step was needed because the previous Byteshooter did not support the hardware needed for this password reading process.

At the same time, we have selected the best possible hardware components for our interface, so that we're now able to provide you with very fast reading/writing times. As an example, our previous Byteshooter would take 5 minutes for a full read on a TC1767 and 35 minutes for a full write.

The BSNG allows you to do a full read in a little over a minute, and flashing takes under a minute.

SLAVE:                 3000,- Euro
MASTER:             5000,- EUR

Prices are not including 19% VAT.